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Mark Stevenson

General Manager

Your success and wealth worth your investments!

Mr Mark Stevenson attended The Kingfields in 2016 while the global rebranding of the company. Before working with The Kingfields, Mark was employed with leading investment companies both in the USA and in the UK. The position of Mr Stevenson is that people’s success and wealth worth their investments they do. Being a General Manager of The Kingfields Mr Stevenson cooperates with global investors and customers to provide highest standards of service in different spheres.


The philosophy of Mark Stevenson is to provide the highest standards of service to customers and to loose a proper pride at the same time. He believes that each customer is very individual but everyone has to respect each other. Mark was born in England and mostly cooperates with English-speaking partners and customers.

What makes people successful – is their intentions and self-investments, says Mark Stevenson. According to his philosophy it’s nearly impossible to reach great achievements with no hard efforts. Following this opinion Mark Stevenson obtains two high educations in International Law and Corporate Finance in leading UK universities. Every year we invite young paralegals for corporate trainings. Mr Mark Stevenson is one of leading speakers in courses of international law. Every year he also attends international conferences and trainings.


Mark Stevenson as a general Manager of the company reports directly to the Director and shareholder the Company. Being in our London headquarters he also manages company’s affiliate office in Moscow, Russian Federation to set a balance of British standards of services. He also solves problems in an operative and successful way.

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