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About Us

Our Mission and Values

The Kingfields is one of the leading international consulting companies with a strong reputation. We provide a high a high range of services for international businesses and individuals in different spheres across the globe.

Our experts have more than 10 years of experience, various awards and nominations.

Why should you choose Us? These are our key points:

  • Outstanding Experience and Skills
  • Competitive and honest pricing scheme
  • Customers Satisfaction
  •  No hidden Charges
  • Multilingual Team
  • Great Customer Service

We are experiences in immigration services, private and business consulting as well as in full spectre of business presence in the UK, establishing companies and other types of consulting.

Based in London, we also have an office in New York, USA and are actively cooperate with businesses and individuals in other countries.

This is how our customers describe our services:

  • Professional Service
  • Fast Tracking
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Quick Responses
  • Exact time-table
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