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Companies Formations

Companies Formations

UK and Offshore Companies

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If you are ready to instruct our firm or need to talk to an immigration solicitor, simply send us a short enquiry and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Whether you are an existing business (trading as a Sole Trader) looking to incorporate or starting a new Business through a Limited Company, we are here to help ensure that your Company Formation is done right from start.

Choosing the right company structure, shareholding, share classes and ensuring that the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Articles meet your business requirements are crucial at the setup stage.

We do cover UK national companies formations as well as Offshore companies in all territorial jurisdictions.

We also assist our customers in business accounts opening procedures even in complicated cases and non-eligible circumstances.

  • Proof of ID of all shareholders/directors/beneficial owners
  • Proof of Address of all shareholders/directors/beneficial owners

There is no need for our customers to apply in person.

The entire process is remote.

For UK national companies formations it takes from 3 hours to 7 days.

For Offshore companies the processing time is normally one month.

Processing times depend on personal circumstances and could be changed according to our customers needs.

UK national companies: from £13.50

Offshore Companies: from $900.00

What types of UK companies do you formate?

We formate all types of UK national companies including LTD, LLP, LLC, Cooperatives and others.

Am I eligible if I'm non-UK resident?

Yes. We formate companies for all nationalities and residence statuses.

How can I manage a company from abroad?

In the most simple way. We do offer virtual office solutions, including director’s address, registered and business address for the formatting company, telephone answering service and mailing handling.

How can I receive registration documents?

We may send it to your email address as well as by post. Additional charges apply.

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