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About Us


The Kingfields is one of the leading UK companies with a strong reputation, providing a range of services for international businesses and individuals in different spheres.

Specialists of The Kingfields have more than 10 years experience in business consulting, visas and immigration services, public relations and development.

We are experiences not only in immigration services and private business consulting, but also in full spectre of business presence in the UK, establishing companies and other types of consulting.

Based in London, we also actively cooperate with companies and individuals in Russia, which means that we provide all of our services both in English and in Russian.

Our specialists have an outstanding experience in spheres of their professional activity. We also invite experts from other companies to deal with our clients’ cases if needed.

The Kingfields covers not just the UK customers. We work with companies and individuals across the world.

The Kingfields About Us

Story of Success

Company Established

In 2013 we established “Thames Brooks” law firm in London which became a parent company for the Kingfields that time. We invited a number of lawyers and consultants to provide our customers with the best service level.

Business Expansion

A total number of our specialists reached 15 in 2015 and that was a period of company’s expansion. We started providing a wider range so services for our clients including UK Immigration, Accounting, new business formations and some more.

International Level

Our management decided to open an affiliate office in Moscow, Russia for our Russian speaking clients. “The Kingfields” now has two offices across the globe – Head office in London and a representative office in Moscow.

Global Rebranding

In 2016 the company got a new name “The Kingfields” as it was approved by our management in association with governmental institutions. We now obtain highest levels of licensing and accreditations in spheres of our professional activity.

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Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson

General Manager
Mark Stevenson is a General Manager of The Kingfields. He reports to the Director of the Company. Mr Stevenson manages team both in London, UK and in Moscow, Russia.
Masha Hoffman

Masha Hoffman

Head of Moscow Office
Our Office in Russia is now managed by Masha Hoffman. She is a great and highly experienced specialist. Masha specialises mostly in international corporate law and companies establishing.
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